What is Pictoplanet

Pictoplanet is an educational videogame of language acquisition that teaches vocabulary in an immersive environment where the child can use words and phrases contextually. We use pictograms and subjugating storytelling to create a meaningful and enjoyable experience for kids. Pictoplanet will be available in IOS platforms and Nintendo Switch.



Unlike traditional educational video games that submit form to curricula, Pictoplanet brings content within the story through conventional game mechanics. It has been designed to subvert the perception of educational games as boring and not challenging. Based on the psychological concept of optimal experience, Pictoplanet contributes to enhance children’s performance in making the acquisition of knowledge a pleasing task.


Pictoplanet is a game aimed to children from 7 to 12 years old, a long forgotten niche in education. This range has been absorbed by mass media entertainment and their insubstantial products. Our goal is to provide audiovisual products that change social paradigms and create consciousness at a young age in important areas, such as environment care and gender equality.


Pictoplanet presents an innovative approach called F.U.G (Flipped-up Gaming), based on the idea that playing video games (as the immersive virtual reality they are) is a modern consequence of the ancient role of games in shaping cultures. The approach focuses in using interactive media platforms to make constructivist learning more familiar to kids.

Playing games is fun, no matter how old you are. And amusement is a proven way of acquiring new skills. Competing with others or with ourselves to master a discipline augments our levels of satisfaction. In these kinds of interactions we become more aware of our expertise and get involved with the process.

In a game where communicational skills are required to master both the narrative and the mechanics, children feel themselves compelled to improve the character’s vocabulary in order to advance in the story; thus, the learning process is more organic and does not stop the fun.

The characters

Pictoplanet combines a RPG immersive plot with the appeal of adventure games and puzzles in a magical world full of fantastic creatures and endearing characters that reminds us of relevant personalities of our culture.