Celuloid is an arcade inspired by mythical bullet hell games such as Space Invaders, Arcanoid or Tetris. This addictive mobile game tests the player’s reflexes with rapid elements on screen that both hardcore and casual gamers will love



Celuloid rewards its players with an evolving narrative portraying a post apocalyptic scenario where they are an artificial intelligence whose aim is to nurture a crossbreed creature of mixed DNA. The purpose is to create hybrid recipients to keep the memories of the dead connected to the web in a massive synapsis


Celuloid was designed to fulfill the needs of entertainment of a niche still underexplored by casual games: the teenagers. While most of casual games are played by adults in their idle time, few examples match the habits of the youngsters. The difficulty of the game is above average; is hard to master but easy to play, just what adolescents demand



By the year 2400, the Fourth World War has devastated the Earth and only the machines remained standing. The planet is a far cry of yesterday and the machines are willing to recover the degraded ecosystems by restoring their creator: the greedy human race.


A newborn artificial intelligence is generated from Internet data with the purpose of making a perfect conscious that would be more adapted to the now healed environment. Nevertheless, keeping alive a foetus of a human being turns unattainable, the only solution is using advanced biotechnology techniques to engender an organic entity as close to humanity as possible


After the Third World War, a novel kind of government arose. Technocracy became the salvation of Mankind but not for long: the regime degenerated in a frenetic technological race that destroyed the whole planet. The low birth rates and the intellectual segregation caused instability among people, which in turn derived in civil wars. When basic resources began to be scarce, the unions of countries started a competition that put the Earth in real danger, at the edge of a new total confrontation