Tree island Studio is a video game company committed to interactive products with added value and good narrative experiences. At Tree Island Studio, we believe in the potential of the video game as a means of communication, as well as a great platform to initiate the educational process, for this reason, we are very interested in the possibilities that the medium offers to generate significant experiences that allow the intellectual development of the consumer.

We develop video games, app games and interactive books our main focus is on the creation of products for children of all ages.
We offer narrative experiences with sufficient entertainment to keep the child engrossed as well as significant educational material to keep the parents happy. Especially created interactive experiences specifically designed to make the consumer fall in love with our products.


At Tree Island Studio we understand education as an organic entity and apply it from a holistic perspective. We care about social and environmental ethics as well as for academic content, keeping in mind that our goal is showing the users that learning can be fun.


Our products have been created to help children prepare for a globalized world; they have been designed to contain the added-value of educational content designed to fulfill school curricula while including an excellent level of entertainment that keeps the child’s interest.


Our main goal is the improvement of important social areas such as environment care, children’s education, gender equality and equal opportunities. We use game techniques to accomplish our goal. We believe video games have the power to transform society if done in the correct manner. Our intention is to be a major part of this transformation .


Our games are designed to meet children’s needs. We create games to be both enjoyable and educational.
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Our product seeks to help children prepare and adapt to a globalised world.
The products have a great added-value in that they contain educational material at curricular and school level.



The product has been developed to include an excellent level of entertainment thereby retaining the child’s interest.



Boost your vocabulary in multiple languages using contextual learning within an immersive game.
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Protect the last human zygote and discover what happened to the now extinct human race.
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Tree Island Studios’ is a creation of talented individuals who came together to create a project that came from their hearts.

From this, a new method in which we learn was born turning the video game from being a predominately entertaining tool into a tool which we can learn from.  We tend to forget that every game has learning qualities, before video games we had scrabble monopoly, even snakes and ladders had educational factors.  We believe we can change public opinion on video games with our range of educational entertaining games that will enthrall the user while educating them unwittingly.


Marcos Aguasanta

President, Creative Director, Founder

Lee Quigley

CEO, Marketing, Founder

Miguel Ruiz

Lead Animator VFX / Animation expert,

Joel Tuneu

Technical Artist  and Game Designer

, co-founder


Carles Arasil

Lead developer Software developer co-founder

Jordi Bisbal

CTO Developer

Josefina Vega

Narrative Copywriter Researcher Writer

Rebeca Borredà



Notting Hill, Belfast, Irlanda del Norte BT9 5, gb
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